1. Being ignorant of the law is not accepted as an ________ for breaking the law.

  A) excuse B) intention C) option D) approval

  2. Within two days, the army fired more than two hundred rockets and missiles at military ________ in the coastal city.

  A) goals B) aims C) targets D) destinations

  3. It is said in some parts of the world, goats, rather than cows, serve as a vital _______ of milk.

  A) storage B) source C) reserve D) resource

  4. “This light is too ________ for me to read by. Don‘t we have a brighter bulb some where”; said the elderly man.

  A) mild B) dim C) minute D) slight

  5. We have arranged to go to the cinema on Friday, but we can be ________ and go another day.

  A) reliable B) probable C) feasible D) flexible


  1. The machine looked like a large, ________, old-fashioned typewriter.

  A) forceful B) clumsy C) intense D) tricky

  2. Though she began her ________ by singing in a local pop group, she is now a famous Hollywood movie star.

  A) employment B) career C) occupation D) profession

  3. Within two weeks of arrival, all foreigners had to ________ with the local police.

  A) inquire B) consult C) register D) resolve

  4. Considering your salary, you should be able to ________ at least twenty dollars a week.

  A) put forward B) put up C) put out D) put aside

  5. As he has ________ our patience, we‘ll not wait for him any longer.

  A) torn B) wasted C) exhausted D) consumed


  1. We are quite sure that we can ________ our present difficulties and finish the task according to schedule.

  A) get across B) get over C) get away D) get off

  2. ________ recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical.

  A) In view of B) In favor of C) In case of D) In memory of

  3. Jessica was ________ from the warehouse to the accounting office, which was considered a promotion.

  A) delivered B) exchanged C) transferred D) transformed

  4. Mr. Smith asked his secretary to ____ a new paragraph in the annual report she was typing.

  A) inject B) install C) invade D) insert

  5. There‘s the living room still to be ________, so that’s my next project.

  A) abandoned B) decorated C) dissolved D) assessed