1.Keep silent when you're unhappy.
遇到不稱心的事情便較長時間地沉默少言。 YesNo
2.Nothing can interest you in the real life.
感到現實生活中沒有什么事情能引起自己的樂趣。 YesNo
3.You always regret quarrelling.
經常與人爭吵發火,過后又后悔不已。 YesNo
4.Doubt and even get jealous of the achievements and honors others get.
對別人取得的成績和榮譽常常表示懷疑,甚至嫉妒。 YesNo
5.Doubt if things you touch are clean and repeatedly wash your hands or change clothes and attach too much attention to cleanliness.
懷疑自己接觸的東西不干凈,反復洗手或換衣服,對清潔很注意。。 YesNo
6.When standing close to the edge of cliff, top of a building and the balcony, you feel like that you’re going to jump down.
站在懸崖邊、大廈頂、陽臺上,有搖搖晃晃要跳下去的感覺。 YesNo
7.Pay attention to every subtle movement of the opposite sex.
對某個異性伙伴的每一個細微行為都很注意。 YesNo
8.Sometimes think about running away from home or getting rid of the community.
經常有離家出走或脫離集體的想法。 YesNo
9.Get anxious before exams even if you have prepared.
一遇到考試,即使有準備也緊張焦慮。 YesNo
10.Hesitate to make decisions when you’ve got a problem.
遇到問題常常舉棋不定,遲疑再三。 YesNo
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